About Maryanne

The CEO, Chief Executive Organizer, at SpaceMakers:


Client focused, capable under pressure, and perfect execution were the hallmarks of my career in Finance.  After helping friends and family revitalize their personal spaces and streamline their residential moves, I realized I enjoyed organizing and helping others get organized - and I was great at it!


Having lived in New York City for over 20 years, I know the challenges we face living in small, cramped spaces. When you live comfortably within your space and keep control of the things and objects around you rather than the other way around, everything just feels better-in all aspects of your life - home, work, family.


Let me help you live your best life - with you in control!

Your NYC Neighbor: Maryanne Saunders of SpaceMakers Organizing

Your NYC Neighbor – is a way of introducing New Yorkers to a rich community of savvy parents. New York is a diverse City bustling with all kinds of families and personalities. We also love to grab tips and recommendations from moms and dads in certain neighborhoods and throughout the 5 Boroughs, and especially people who have created a product, service or site that helps new parents or appeals to children. Meet Maryanne Saunders founder of Spacemakers Organizing.

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