Maryanne changed my life.  As a jewelry and fashion accessories dealer working out of my home, I often find myself over accumulating and not organizing my inventory leading to a chaotic, disorganized, unproductive environment. I needed Maryanne’s help. Not only did she declutter, she categorized existing assets and created a manageable and sustainable system on which I could rely.  This enables me to remain organized going forward.  


My business'  productivity and profitability have improved dramatically. 



Bella O.

My closets weren’t a disaster, but I needed to optimize the space.  And I wanted a cleaner, clearer, ordered environment for my belongings. 


In the short period of a day, Maryanne prioritized my personal possessions which gave me easier access to my belongings and peace of mind.  Next month, we are attacking my storage space!


Joyce J.

My partner and I live in a one-bedroom railroad apartment in LIC.  I am also a closet hoarder who can’t resist a bargain.  A problematic apartment layout plus a large volume of clothes, books, CD’s and kitchen tools led to clutter and considerable domestic strife!


Maryanne came over in a timely fashion, orchestrated a reorganization that increased our living space considerably.


Things are more peaceful now!

Michael B.

I would have never survived all of my frequent moves without Maryanne! Not only did she efficiently pack and unpack all of my belongings, but she organized all of my closets, cupboards, playrooms, and offices. Her calm demeanor and ability to prioritize and solve problems on the spot is amazing. She took all of my stress away, and allowed me to focus on work and taking care of my child. I would highly recommend Maryanne's services!!

Toni S.

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